Long Term Care,.... think again !

( .Thought provoking considerations. )

Q.  Have you set aside the cost for unanticipated Long Term Care expenses?

Q.  Consider the monthly cost to be without a long term care expense policy?
    Q. Where would you withdraw $48,000 [ "net after taxes" ] to pay for 1 years' long term care expenses?  

Q.  Would a “suddenly incapacitated person” prefer “long term care services” provided in their own home environment OR  leave a familiar home settings for a  traditional nursing home”?

Be informed:

     Submit a request for a Long Term Care policy that includes home coverage.
Take Action:

   Ask a large enough sample of our elderly:
   "Ask those affected by a Long Term Care illness.... if they knew......
they'd have a sudden change in health status?


  "Ask for the personal experiences from people who suddenly became care-givers"
Is the out of pocket expense of a few hudred dollars premium monthly more preferable than the alternative to an unexpected and untimely depletion of savings and retirement accounts, with a minimum estimate of $2,000 per month (gross dollars)?

Be realistic, about your health and that you will age:

 It is hard to see ourselves as unable to do the activities of daily living.
However, the aging process has already begun:
 When was the last time you did a strenuous high school sports activity
Is this an indicator of  slowing mobility?

Consider Long Term Care coverage while ....

It is more affordable.

You're healthy.

Can you consider sharing the monthly cost of LTC an affordability option?


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